Riksgränsen and Björkliden

Riksgränsen and Björkliden is best known for its skiing, but also has many trails that are perfect for mountainbike tours. Year after year the hikers has worn the trail to perfection for mountainbiking. Here you get both easy and more technical terrain. From the bike you will see three times more of what the area have to offer. There is for example the Navvy road which is considered by many bikers to be one of the best bike trails in terms of length and experience. Imagine a 60 km long winding trail that takes you through a rolling landscape consisting of mountain forest, swamp, canyons and along the steep mountain sides. Within easy reach you will have both the alpine terrain, Norwegian fjords and the sea. You can rest by the mountain streams and drink the fresh water while enjoying the landscape and silence. From late May to late July, there is daylight day and night and you can be active 24/7 if you wish. There are countless lakes to fish or paddle in and from the autumn season, you can see the northern lights dancing over the sky.


Most of our mountainbike – E-bike tours start from Riksgränsen. Here you can find services like hotels and restaurants and shops all year around. The train stops here and communications are good. The nearest airport i Kiruna Airport.


Björkliden has a hotel and some services and communications. We do a some mountainbike – E-bike tours from here and with a small transfer by bus or minivan from Riksgränsen.


Experience Östersund / Frösön / Åre on E-mountain bike with a guide.

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